Killowen Distillery

Craft Irish Single Pot Still Distillery based in the Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland.


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Distilled in our thumper keg and based on the time-honoured Solera blending method, our small batch rum is truly unique.

Dark RUm

Cask Aged / Solera Method

Balancing PX Sherry & Dark Rum finishes
for the perfect flavour of the Carribean.
with coconut & vanilla, figs, prunes & raisins.

Combining the best sugar & blackstrap molasses, distilled 2½ times in our thumper keg before triple-cask solera blending for true complexity.

Based on a time-honoured Spanish method for blending sherry, this rum has been small-batch blended using the Solera method.
Three cask types are stacked one of top of each other with rum moving from the top to the bottom adding complexity & flavour at each stage of the journey. The oldest spirit is removed from the bottom barrel & bottled before topping up the cask with the next-oldest spirit from the cask above. This goes on and on until finally the cask at the top is refilled with new rum spirit. The barrels are then left to age until the process is repeated.