From Irelands smallest Distillery comes Killowen Gin.

Focusing on centuries of Gin making in Ireland, we at Killowen Distillery place seasonal botanicals to the fore, many of which are handpicked from the immediate locality. The result is an unusual gin celebrating its maritime and highland environment within the Mourne Mountains.

Gin is one of Irelands less well-known native spirits is documented in records dating back to the 16th,17th & 18th centuries. The Irish where distilling and compounding native botanicals long before their neighbouring counterparts in the British Isles. Renowned whiskey writer and historian Fionnan O’Connor has gathered letters discussing and defining these precursors to modern gin and whiskey from Raleigh, Fynes Moryson and others during this time. They make for fascinating reading. As Fionnan explains “it’s not often you hear the Irish claim to have beat the English to gin”. (Irish Whiskey Magazine Issue 3)