Killowen have selected two handmade artisan stills named Christoir (1000 litre) and Broc (800 litre). Both pot stills are flame fed and our condensers are worm tub. We believe the ancient still shape, size, flame heat and worm tub condensation help create a traditional spirit with a contemporary twist. It is our understanding that Killowen are the only Distillery to focus on purely worm tub condensers in Ireland.


“Kilfeaghan Dolmen” our local megalithic tomb stood long before us and will stand long after us. Its age and timelessness inspires our technique and patience when creating both aged and un aged craft spirits. This dolmen is part of the place that is Kilfeaghan, Killowen and so too are our spirits. Killowen Distillery’s philosophy is best imagined through the philosophy of ‘dinnseanchas’


Killowen have collaborated with unique Irish glass manufacturers to create our own bespoke branded Túath glass.

These historical time-consuming processes allow Killowen’s unique flavour profiles echo the international whiskey of choice that where distinctively ‘Irish’. This will mean that the highly sought-after Irish product can be rightfully be held in high esteem once again.

Forget everything you where told about ‘light Irish’ delicacy. After decades of outspoken adoration from critics, bloggers, global drammers and a few devoted irish distillers, ‘Single Pot Still’ has at last sprung back from the casket of bartending curiosae and taken its rightful place among the most awarded spirits in contemporary distilling Fionnán O’Connor A Glass Apart