The future jewel in the crown of Killowen Distillery, our whiskey is primarily inspired by the ‘Pure Pot Still Irish Whiskey’ tradition. Here at Killowen we hold our mash bills in highest regard.

Brendan Carty has travelled throughout Ireland, Scotland and Tasmania visiting distilleries that place forward thinking experimentation ahead of ‘marketeering’ and profiteering. In merging his Irish whiskey knowledge with love and ancient technique Brendan strives to reinvent what it Is to be a modern day Irish Whiskey Distillery.

Killowen’s whiskey progress is top secret. These details are known only to a select few who are lucky enough to own a founder’s cask. There will be a chance for fifteen applicants to invest in a cask of Killowen in the coming eighteen months, If you are interested in becoming part of the modern Irish Whiskey Revival, please see our cask entry tab ‘Cask Owner’.