Our geographically protected native spirit has enjoyed a recent revival in recent years. At Killowen we carefully select a unique ratio of wheat, barley and oats to create a mash bill fitting of the word Poitín. Killowen Poitín is a substance of luxury created with skill and care.

A highly regarded recipe from a local Mourne family that has been used for generations is now reborn in this generation as a legal spirit. This allows it to be enjoyed by Poitín and whiskey enthusiasts lucky enough to have a bottle.

This small batch produce includes mixes of malted and unmalted grain, the malted being smoked on site by local Mourne turf fires in our hand made kiln. Once regarded as an illicit highland produce, Killowen have made it their prerogative to restore Poitín to its rightful place as an artisan spirit of choice by perfecting family recipies we know best.